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Welcome to the Psychology Department at Columbia State Community College. Our courses will give learners interested in psychology a solid foundation in the psychological sciences

The psychology faculty at Columbia state will prepare learners for the challenging, yet rewarding field of psychology. After completing your education here at Columbia State, you'll transfer to a four-year institution ready to tackle the necessary coursework required to become a professional within the psychological sciences.

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Psychology Courses

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"I chose Columbia State because I made great connections here as a dual-enrolled student and knew firsthand how welcoming the college was and how amazing many of the faculty are. My favorite thing about Columbia State has been building relationships with professors, staff and fellow students." ~Angelina Anselmo, graduate with psychology degree
Angelina Anselmo

Psychology-related Videos

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Warning: The images and language contained in the videos and clips above and/or the general topic of these videos and clips may not be suitable for all audiences, particularly minors. View discretion is advised.

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