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Paramedic Program

Paramedic Program Outcomes

The Paramedic School is the pinnacle of Emergency Medical Services licensure. 

Licensed AEMT’s wishing to accept the challenges of becoming a paramedic need to follow the following process.

Please note that admissions process to Columbia State does not guarantee a seat in the Paramedic program as the process is extremely competitive.

What is the first step?
Apply for admission to Columbia State Community College. You can apply online or at any of the campuses. Ensure the college has received:

  • Request for Enrollment
  • Proof of MMR Vaccination
  • High School Transcript
  • All college transcripts
  • ACT Scores (if applicable)
  • Documentation of Varicella Zoster immunizations (2) or positive titer

When the college admission process has been completed, it may be necessary to take a placement test. To do so, contact the Testing Center (Columbia campus) at 931.540.2821. Students registering for the Paramedic courses must be eligible to enroll in 0800 level Learning Support or college-level Math, English, and Reading. Competency in these areas may be validated by sub-scores of at least 13 in Math, 13 in Reading, and 13 in English on the ACT or through institutional placement testing.  

The Tennessee Department of Health Bureau of Health Licensure and Regulation Division of Emergency Medical Services (Rule 1200-12-01-.13) governs the following process outlining admission into the Columbia State paramedic program.

Candidates must submit a separate application to the Paramedic program. This application for Paramedic school can be filled out through “Google Drive” and will be accepted December through February. 

Applications for the 2024-2025 have already been closed

After acceptance to this program, the candidate will need:

  • A copy of current AEMT license 
  • Two letters of reference (NOT family members)
  • A current BLS certification

The candidate will:

  • Interview with an EMS review panel. 
  • Take an AEMT entrance exam which includes MATH [Add, subtract, multiply, divide whole numbers with decimal points WITHOUT a calculator]

After everything is completed, candidates will be contacted regarding acceptance or declination.

Students are in class [most of the time] only two days per week. These classes will revolve around a “24/48” shift schedule with lecture days once per week meeting on Columbia State Community College’s “A-Shift” starting in September. All lectures will be offered from 08:00 AM – 16:30 with the second day of class (skills group) meeting once a week on “B” or “C” shift. Depending on your skills assignment, you will need to attend either on “B-Shift” or "C-Shift." These days are not interchangeable; you must attend the one to which you are assigned.

  • Students are required to complete clinical rotations. It is the responsibility of the student to schedule the required amount of clinical time via Platinum Planner, clinical scheduling software [explained the first day of class]. Clinical opportunities include rotations in OB/GYN, OR, lab, pediatrics, respiratory, intensive care units, cardiac units, and emergency rooms, and EMS agencies.
  • During the summer semester, each student is required to complete 240 hours of preceptor rides. Students are assigned a preceptor only after being approved by the Director of the EMS Academy.
  • The total cost for enrollment in the Paramedic program is approximately $9000.00. This includes all applicable tuition, lab and activity fees, and malpractice insurance. Students should expect to spend approximately $700.00 for textbooks and related course materials and should be purchased before the first day of class.


The Columbia State Community College Paramedic program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP, upon the recommendation of the Committee on Accreditation of Educational Programs for Emergency Medical Services Professions (CoAEMSP).

Contact CAAHEP:
Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs
Phone: 727.210.2350
Fax: 727.210.2354

Contact CoAEMSP:
Committee on Accreditation of Education Programs for Emergency Medical Services Professions
Phone:  214-703-8445