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Medical Laboratory Technology

The Medical Laboratory Technician possesses the technical skills necessary to perform routine testing in the areas of hematology, serology, coagulation, clinical microbiology, clinical chemistry, blood banking, and urinalysis in clinical laboratories of hospitals, clinics, and physician offices under the supervision of a physician and/or medical technologist.

The medical laboratory technician has diverse and multi‐level functions in the areas of collecting, processing, and analyzing biological specimens and other substances, principles and methodologies, performance of assays, problem solving, troubleshooting techniques, significance of clinical procedures and results, principles and practices of quality assessment, for all major areas practiced in the contemporary clinical laboratory.

How long is the program?  Columbia State’s program is designed with a focus on general education/foundation courses Fall/Spring of the first academic year.  A new cohort of students will start the intense sequence of core courses each summer for three semesters (12 months.)

The program provides:  A competency based classroom & clinical experience which provides students with the tools for licensure examination success, gainful in-field employment, and career satisfaction.

How’s the job market?  The demand for entry-level MLTs is strong across the region.

Med Lab Courses

Major Restricted - Students must be formally admitted to the program, in addition to college admission, to be eligible to take discipline courses.

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