Honors classes will be offered in a variety of formats.

In-Person means that the class is offered in-person only at the set times, days, and locations listed.

Live-Streaming means that the class does not have a physical location, but students are required to log in through Zoom to attend class at a set time on set days.

In-Person OR Live-Streaming means that the class will be delivered live and through Zoom on set days at set times in set locations. Attendance in person is optional; the student has the choice whether to attend in-person or to Zoom in. The student may choose to attend all classes in person, to attend all classes through Zoom, or a combination of both.

Fall 2024 Honors Class List

BIO 1110.C71: General Biology I & Lab (Honors) CRN 82261
COMM 2025.C1H: Fundamentals of Communications (Honors) CRN 82860
COMM 2025.F1H: Fundamentals of Communications (Honors) CRN 82861
ECON 2100.C1H: Principles of Macroeconomics (Honors) CRN 82175
ECON 2200.C1H: Principles of Microeconomics (Honors) CRN 82653
ENGL 1020.C1H: English Composition II (Honors) CRN 82749
ENGL 2235.C1H: Topics in British Literature (Honors) CRN 82546
GEOG 2010.C1H: World Regional Geography (Honors) CRN 82663
HIST 2010.C1H: Early US History (Honors) CRN 82853
HIST 2010.C2H: Early US History (Honors) CRN 82854
HIST 2310.C1H: Early World History (Honors) CRN 82641
HIST 2320.C1H: Modern World History (Honors) CRN 82382
PHIL 1030.C1H: Introduction to Philosophy (Honors) CRN 82616
PSYCH 1030.C1H Introduction to Psychology (Honors) CRN 82645
SOCI 1010.F1H: Introduction to Sociology (Honors) CRN 82726