Academic and Research Fair Past Winners

Spring 2022

  1. Aquaponics - Owen Rockenbach  
  2. tRNA - Adrianna Sasser  
  3. Astronomy (Impact) - Wilson Myers  
  4. (Honorable mention) - Cells - Halie Moon   


Fall 2022

STEM Division

  • First Prize:  Miriam Galindo -- “Commonalities of tRNA present in Cluster A mycobacteriophage genomes and their effects on M. tuberculosis infection”

  • Second Prize:  Michaela Taylor  -- “Regeneration and Regenerative Medicine”

  • Third Prize:  Jaeden Kennedy -- “Dewormer Resistance in Goats”

HS Division

  • First Prize:  Leslie Ezelle “Plant-based Diet and Cancer”

  • Second Prize:  Heather Smart “How Social Media Use Can Impact Our Mental Health”

  • Third Prize:  Abby Suh McLallin “The Importance of the Timeout before Surgical & Non-surgical Procedures”


Spring 2023

STEM Division

  • First Place: Analysis of Newly Sequenced Phage Magritte: A New Singleton on the block by Miriam Galindo.

  • Second Place: The Effects of COVID-19 Pandemic on Speech and Social Development of Children by Brendan Mincey

  • Third Place: Food Marketing and Diversity of Gene Expressions in the Population by Julie Mattson

Health Sci/HASS Division

  • First Place: The Perpetuation and Prevention of Alzaheimer's Disease by Annaleisa Matzirakis

  • Second Place: The Stroop Effect by Mollie Bedwell

  • Third Place: Ted Bundy by Abby Pitts