Program Fliers

2018 - 2019

Tennessee Transfer Path (TTP)

Students who completes these degrees are guaranteed that all required community college courses will be accepted in these majors at the transfer institution.  Visit the Tennessee Transfer Pathway website at TN Transfer Pathway for complete information.

University Parallel (Non TBR or UT Path)

These degrees are not currently a part of the Tennessee Transfer Pathway and therefore; may not be fully transferable.  Since general education and major requirements vary from one transfer institution to another, it is essential that transfer students decide on a transfer institution as soon as possible and refer to the major requirements in that institution’s catalog when planning a program of study.

Exploratory Pathways

  •  First Semester Plan for Students Undecided about their Major

Associate of Applied Science Degrees

These degrees are designed for the student who wishes to move directly in the job market after graduation. 

Technical Certificate Programs

These certificates are designed to allow students to gain entry-level proficiency in specific skills.