Study Tips for the Visual Learner

  1. Write things down because you remember them better that way.
  2. Make study area visually appealing.
  3. Look at people and professors when they talk. This technique will help you stay focused.
  4. Most visual learners study better by themselves.
  5. Take thorough notes in lectures and when studying textbooks. Review and revise notes after class, preferably immediately after class while you still remember a good deal of the lecture, to reinforce your knowledge.
  6. Read assignments in 25 minute intervals (you lose 85% of your input after reading for 25 minutes).
  7. When beginning a textbook chapter, read the chapter overview and summary first to get a general idea of the information. Then begin reading.
  8. Underline main points in an eye-arresting color - for example, neon highlighters.
  9. After 25 minutes, take a one-to-five minute break. Disconnect totally from your reading (walk around the room, stretch, look out the window, snack, restroom break, whatever is comfortable for you).
  10. Review your underlined/highlighted material after your break.
  11. Read for another 25 minutes, take a 1-'to 5-minute break, and review underlined material.
  12. Just before closing your book, review all underlined material read that day to reinforce your learning
  13. Write new vocabulary words on colored index cards (or write in color on white index cards) with short definitions on the back. Carry these with you and reviewed them at odd moments or whenever you have spare time - for example, before class or when waiting in line.