May 18, 2018

Columbia State Participates in International Drone Day

On May 5, eight Columbia State Community College alumni, faculty and staff from participated in the 5th annual International Drone Day activities held at Columbia Central High School.

During the event, Columbia State representatives demonstrated several drones owned by the college and used in classes.

This event is held throughout the world to exhibit and promote peaceful and helpful uses of drones. These aircraft are used in such diverse areas, such as agriculture and crop monitoring, engineering and construction, traffic control, emergency conditions, law enforcement, fire protection and entry into hazardous environments. These high technology machines are growing in use every year. Although the event was held in inclement weather, nearly 100 persons attended and participated.

All participating Columbia State alumni are currently enrolled in engineering and/or scientific programs at Tennessee Tech University and the University of Alabama - Huntsville.

Group of nine people in gym
Photo caption:
Pictured: (First Row): Bobbie Cowan, instructor of engineering and physics; Sam Mathews, Columbia State alumnus; Will Sannella, Columbia State alumnus; and Dr. Glenn Hudson, retired associate professor of mathematics. (Back Row): Keifer Bowers, Columbia State alumnus; Michael Solomon, Columbia State alumnus; Steve Napier; event organizer and drone pilot; Turner Sims, Columbia State alumnus; and Ryan Moore, Columbia State alumnus and Office of Advancement data analyst.