Feb 05, 2013

Physics and Engineering Students participate in Science Competition

11 Columbia State Community College students in James Watson's Physics I and Engineering Statistics class received certificates after participating in the Physics/Engineering Science Competition in early December. Students were judged by how well their papers and presentations demonstrated their understanding and appreciation for the principles of physics and engineering on a chosen topic. Josiah Rentshler, overall winner of the competition, received a plaque and a winner's certificate along with $50. Shear Design of Lawrenceburg sponsored the prizes for the competition. (From left to right) Back row: Micah Rentshler, Rachel Crane, Michael Feagin and Jessica Feagin. Front Row: Watson, Josiah Rentshler (receiving plaque), Kimberly Smith, Lee Rodgers, Daniel Tomerlin, Damien Gieske and Nate Letarte. Not shown: Dave Johnson. The competition is a course requirement for the students and required them to turn in a paper two weeks before the end of the term, followed by presentations a few days later.