Feb 05, 2013

Lewisburg Campus Update

To: Students, Faculty and Staff

This communication is to provide an update to everyone regarding the situations and conditions at the Lewisburg Campus. Last Thursday morning, April 8, 2010, several students, staff and faculty exhibited illness symptoms serious enough to cause many to seek medical attention. Authorities were contacted immediately and the building was evacuated by the Lewisburg Fire Department, who after a thorough inspection of the building reported that a loose furnace exhaust pipe resulted in carbon monoxide gas being distributed within the building. As of late Friday afternoon, all repairs were completed and the City of Lewisburg Fire Department and Gas Company tested the furnace and completed their inspection. Following the inspection Columbia State was given permission to return to the building, i.e. the City of Lewisburg Fire Department Chief, the Lewisburg Gas Department and the City of Lewisburg informed Columbia State that the building had been cleaned, the furnace repaired and permitted Columbia State students and employees to enter the building without concern of further issues. All classes and business resumed normal operations on Monday morning, April 12.

We wish to express our sincere thanks and gratitude to the City of Lewisburg Emergency Responders for their quick actions and response to this situation. We thank everyone for your patience with this process. Please be assured we are working hard to assure that all have their issues, questions and concerns addressed.

Dr. Janet F. Smith - President

Students seeking claim's information should go to this website: http://ColumbiaState.edu/lewisburg-student-medical-claims