Feb 05, 2013


June 8 and June 17 in Hickman Building on Columbia Campus

Columbia State Community College's office of Student Success will host two information sessions geared towards non-traditional students, on June 8 and June 17. The June 8 session will be in room 146 of the Hickman Building on the Columbia Campus at 6 p.m., and the June 17 session will take place in room 123 of the Hickman Building at 6 p.m. Students enrolled for summer or those that will enroll for fall 2010 are invited, but encouraged to please call 931-540-2573 for reservations or more information.

"We encourage current and prospective students who are older than the historically typical undergraduate student, had interrupted their studies earlier in life, or students of traditional age with life circumstances that demand unconventional scheduling to allow for other responsibilities and pursuits concurrent with attaining a degree, to attend one of these sessions," said Dr. Annie Jones, director of student success at Columbia State. "Information to assist students in their journey to academic success will be presented."

Time will also be provided to register for fall semester classes.