Feb 05, 2013


Program Prepares Students for Careers in Law Enforcement, Corrections or Private Security

Columbia State's Clifton Campus is offering a number of courses leading to the Criminal Justice Associate's degree. Courses planned for the fall 2010 semester include Introduction to Criminal Justice, Criminal Law, Introduction to Law Enforcement, Introduction to Corrections, and Private Security. Columbia State developed the criminal justice degree program in 2003 in order to prepare Middle Tennesseans for employment in a demanding and fast-paced career. The Associate of Applied Science degree in Criminal Justice is designed to provide the technical and operational knowledge and skills needed for entry-level careers in various segments of the field of criminal justice including law enforcement, corrections, and private security.

The criminal justice profession demands the best of each individual who seeks to serve others in the pursuit of justice. In an effort to properly train and educate these students, the Criminal Justice program developed two tracks, Law Enforcement and Corrections. Students may earn an Associate of Applied Science degree in either track. The Law Enforcement Option is designed for those individuals who are seeking a career in policing. This career may be at the federal, state, or local level and is preferably comprised of education at the college level and academy training specific to the jurisdiction of employment. The Corrections Option is designed for those individuals who are seeking a career in housing and rehabilitating offenders, convicted persons sentenced by the court to be punished for their crimes. In conjunction with Computer Information Sciences, students are able to complete a career enhancement sequence in Cyber Security.

"As far as we know, Columbia State is the first and only Community College in the state of Tennessee to offer the Cyber Security option," said Dr. Skip Grubb, Criminal Justice program director. "Additionally, this profession demands the very best of each individual who seeks to serve others in the pursuit of justice. Young men and women are required to possess physical stamina and mental stability as the demand upon them is great. Indeed, each is tested in a number of ways and must maintain a high standard of personal integrity in order to keep the public trust."

The Criminal Justice degree program is designed to provide students with an understanding of criminal justice theory and practice as well as roles, functions, systems, and operations. A career in the field of criminal justice can provide students with opportunity and job security. For more information about Columbia State's Criminal Justice degree program visit www.columbiastate.edu/criminal-justice or call the Clifton Campus at 931-676-6966 or toll free 888-346-6581.

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