Feb 05, 2013

B.I. Naddy Honored After 42-plus Years of Service

After teaching Chemistry at Columbia State for nearly 43 years, Professor B.I. Naddy (left) retired as a full-time faculty member and was honored on Monday, January 11, 2010 at his retirement gathering by City of Columbia Mayor Dean Dickey (pictured, right). Mayor Dickey presented Dr. Naddy with a proclamation thanking him for teaching more than 5,000 students in General Chemistry over the years, and congratulated him on more than 80 percent of his Organic Chemistry students succeeding in the fields of Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry and Physical Therapy. Dr. Naddy's sons Sami - a Doctor of Pharmacy, Rami - a Doctor of Toxicology, and Gibran - an Internist with Core Physicians, were all in attendance at the celebration. "They all got the tassel here at Columbia State, and had me as their chemistry professor," said Naddy. "I'm blessed to be here at Columbia State with great people," he added. Although retired, Naddy will continue to teach Organic Chemistry II as an adjunct faculty member at Columbia State.