Welcome to the IncludED Program!

Columbia State is introducing a convenient and affordable program that delivers the required materials for your course in digital format by the first day of class. Columbia State has selected this cost saving material to ensure your success in the course. This comes at a significantly reduced cost compared to the traditional physical textbooks and course materials.

Your IncludED Course Materials as well as other information about the program will be delivered through your student email or instructor by or on the first day of class. The list of the courses that are participating in the IncludED program can be found Here.

When you register for the course, the bookstore charge will appear on your school account. The cost of the material can be paid for by financial aid or out of pocket. Please note that the cost of the material is not covered by Tennessee Promise, Tennessee Reconnect or Dual Enrollment grants. For information concerning your student account, please contact the Business Office at businessoffice@columbiastate.edu.

If you decide you do not want to purchase the course materials provided to you as part of the program, you can use the Columbia State Community College Customer Portal to opt-out of the program.*

The “Opt Out” or “Opt In” deadlines for the SPRING 2024 are:

Full term,1st 10-week, 1st 7-week term: January 29th

2nd 10-week-week term: February 24th

2nd 7-week term: March 15th

The “Opt Out/Opt In” portal link(s) can be found below. Your username is your ColumbiaState.edu email address.

IMPORTANT! Please note that if you opt out, you will be responsible for obtaining the required course materials on your own and lose the special pricing that is part of this program.

If you have questions, your bookstore is the first point of contact concerning this program. Your Columbia State Bookstore staff can be reached at:

2064mgr@follett.com or 931-540-2592

Good Luck this semester from everyone at Columbia State!

Opting Out is not an automatic reversal of the charge on your student account. Full Semester,1st 10-week, 1st 7-week charges will be removed on or after January 29th, 2nd 10-week- on or after February 24th and 2nd 7-week on or after March 15th.